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Accelerated Analytics Training 


Discover Your Ideal Learning Journey: Tailored Classes, Full Course with Certification, One-Hour Classes, or On-Demand Access

Step into a tailored learning experience with our a la carte classes. Choose the topics that align with your aspirations for $225 per class. Alternatively, dive deeper with our comprehensive program at $999, saving you $125, and earn a certification upon completion. This certification, a testament to your proficiency in Product Analytics, is exclusively available upon finishing all five classes within our foundational program. 

Coming soon - One-Hour Classes & On-Demand Access!

Keep pace with your dynamic schedule and evolving needs with our soon-to-launch offerings. Compact, one-hour focused sessions for quick and efficient learning, and On-Demand Access - our comprehensive course material accessible at your convenience. Express your interest now and join our waiting list to be the first to know when they launch!

Identify business goals and initiatives that have the largest impact on growth. Ask the right questions of data to gain clarity into user behaviors. Choose metrics that accurately measure progress to the goal.

Analytics Strategy

Determine data requirements to support an analytics strategy. Create a data taxonomy to document and communicate a shared data language that is easily understood by all data consumers.

Data Design

Identify dimensions of data quality and common data validation errors. Ensure data accuracy through an audit and validation process. Align your team to support continuous data governance standards.

Data Validation

Determine the best reports that will answer your key business questions. Create compelling visual representations to communicate findings. Provide the right context to inspire action from your audience.

Analysis & Insights

Interpret analytics results and take action that supports progress towards business goals. Replicate the process in a rapid, but controlled manner, to drive deep understanding of customer behavior.

Actionable Results

At Mammoth Growth, we understand excellence takes hard work and dedication.

That's why our program is designed to accelerate your success through high-quality training and education.

Successful completion of all five classes in the Product Analytics: Foundations program results in a digital credential that validates your achievements, product knowledge, and industry expertise.

Cut through the fluff and optimize your learning with Mammoth University's intensive, impact-driven training program


Basic understanding of product analytics

Looking to level up your skills, accelerate your learning, and gain industry expertise.

Comfortable combining lecture, discussion, hands-on exercises, and real-world applications.

You're a hands-on and practical learner

By setting yourself apart in the competitive world of product analytics.

Looking to invest in your professional growth

Committed to continuous improvement

Looking to grasp the bigger picture  and generate enduring, impactful results.

Whether enrolling in the full program, or choosing to take the classes individually.

Ability to meet flexible time requirements


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Product Analytics: Foundations - Mixpanel

Customize your learning path: Opt for individual classes or the complete course to develop a comprehensive understanding of product analytics.

Customize your learning path: Opt for individual classes or the complete course to develop a comprehensive understanding of product analytics.

We've curated a training program that dives directly into the critical concepts that truly move the needle in the analytics world, helping you spend your time and effort on what actually matters. 

Industry-Relevant Curriculum

Don't Settle For Mediocrity

Our curriculum isn't just theory. We've developed it through years of practical experience, ensuring you gain knowledge that applies directly to your career, whether you're starting, advancing, or pivoting.


In the fast paced field of data analytics, our program is your secret weapon. It doesn't just help you keep up - it propels you ahead, giving you a competitive edge in your career. 


Turbo Charge Your Growth

Our unique approach goes beyond producing individuals who can follow instructions. We cultivate agile problem solvers and innovators, capable of grasping the bigger picture and generating enduring, impactful results. 

Our ultimate goal is to empower your professional growth objectives by equipping you with the tools to unveil invaluable data insights and drive decisive action. Embrace the opportunity to learn with us and experience the difference of a transformative training program that will catapult your career to new heights.

Proven Success

This isn't just any training program. It's the very same one that we've used to train our consultants, leading to successful projects for over 870 satisfied clients. Curated from seasoned expertise and an unwavering pursuit of excellence, our training program distills what truly matters in product analytics. We've spent years refining this program, ensuring that it is not just educational but also transformational. It is time-efficient and value-packed, unlike any other program out there. 

Our curriculum is your key to making significant strides in the rapidly evolving world of product analytics. 

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What Mammoth Growth clients say:

Rob W.
VP of Revenue
& Growth at Tonal

The exercises Mammoth Growth put us through before building our infrastructure has actually raised the bar across our organization around data intelligence, which has really helped to foster collaboration. 

Harley B.
Chief Marketing
Officer at Shipt

Mammoth Growth helped us craft an affiliate marketing program that now generates leads at a fraction of the cost of our other channels.

Bhavik P.
Head of Product
Analytics at Hopin

Their work has allowed our product teams to gain a deeper understanding of each of the different product areas and started us on our journey in becoming a truly data-driven product company.

What our clients say:

What our students say:

Workforce Learning Platform

"I found the course very comprehensive and super useful for anyone looking to get a proper understanding of their users' engagement with their product."


Analytics Platform

“The training is full of practical information, and you can learn a lot by following the trainer.”

Publishing Services Platform

“Even though I had experience in Mixpanel, I learned new things that will help me in future projects, especially questions related to business and the use of good practices.”

What our clients say: