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Our curriculum isn’t just theory — it is years of practical experience and successful techniques packaged into a streamlined courses.

Real-World Scenarios

Our content includes real-world analytics applications
— pulled from our most successful projects.

Competitive Edge

Our program doesn’t just help you keep up, it propels you ahead — giving you a competitive edge for your career trajectory.

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Accelerated Analytics Training

Cut through the fluff and optimize your learning with our intensive, impact-driven courses.

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Proven success

This isn’t just any training program. It’s the very same one that we’ve used to train our consultants, leading to successful projects for over 870 satisfied clients.

We’ve spent years refining this program, ensuring that
it is not just educational but also transformational. It is time-efficient and value-packed, unlike any other program out there.

Accelerated Analytics Training

Cut through the fluff and optimize your learning with our intensive, impact-driven courses.

Basic understanding of
data and growth analytics

Looking to level up your skills, accelerate your learning, and gain industry expertise.

You’re a hands-on
and practical learner

Comfortable combining lecture, discussion, hands-on exercises, and real-world applications.

Committed to continuous

Looking to grasp the bigger picture  and generate enduring, impactful results.

You’re an active
and dedicated learner

Ideal for those committed to
continuous learning and growth.

You’re adaptable
and forward-thinking

Ideal candidates are comfortable with change and able to anticipate industry shifts.

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Our training content was originally designed for internal onboarding
at our agency — and was built around two goals:

Rapidly assimilate new hires to the modern analytics landscape.

Decrease time-to-value for new consultants by preparing them quickly, but thoroughly, for their first project assignment and beyond.

“I found the course very comprehensive and super useful for anyone looking to get a proper understanding of their users’ engagement with their product.”

Learning Curator
Workforce Learning Platform

“The training is full of practical information, and you can learn  a lot by following the trainer.”

Product Manager
Analytics Platform

“Even though I had experience in Mixpanel, I learned new things that will help me in future projects, especially questions related to business and the use of good practices.”

Data Analyst
Publishing Services Platform

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